Whole Home Integrated UV Water Treatment
Whole Home Integrated UV Water Treatment
Whole Home Integrated UV Water Treatment
Whole Home Integrated UV Water Treatment
Whole Home Integrated UV Water Treatment
Whole Home Integrated UV Water Treatment
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Whole Home Integrated UV Water Treatment

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Integrated Home Systems are reliable way of disinfecting the incoming water flow without the need of chemicals. They’re designed for flow rates up 12 gpm (45 lpm). These high featured UV disinfection systems removes high level of bacteria and other Invisible particles from the incoming water supply.

UV System Details & Description


Product Spec


Whole Home Integrated UV Water Treatment with high-performance UV lamps and consistent output benefits from twelve-month filtering life are the perfect UV systems which provide low maintenance and good flow rate. They are so effective in elimination of bacteria and viruses. Using UV light has a wide range of applications these days in the commercial, industrial and healthcare fields and the first choice in water sterilization surfaces. In the process of irradiation, UV lamps provide safe and clean surface disinfection. This compact system features a new LCD display for showing lamp life remaining and other visual reminders. Thanks to the UV systems, there is no need to use harmful chemicals for disinfecting in water treatment applications.

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UV System Key Applications

Interactive User-Friendly Display

Displays information about UV disinfection level status, energy percentage of lamps. They include a programmable support screen for importing contact information and proper instructions for troubleshooting with indicators for replacement alerts. Supports multi-languages. Materials used in the body are of high quality, and soft-touch keys give nice feedback.

Trouble-free installation

Every unit is equipped with all necessary hardware, which benefits from easy wall-mount installation clips. The installation manual accessible to the users provides step by step guide through the process of installation.

Inactivate Harmful Contaminants

Inactivate chlorine-resistant parasites, harmful bacteria and viruses that are invisible with the naked eye. However, some parameter measurements should be considered for the UV system to reach its maximum efficiency. These parameters are include Hardness, Iron, Manganese, Turbidity and suspended solids which should be lower than s specific ppm.

Disinfection Procedure

UV disinfection systems are preferred to install on the PE tube, connecting the RO water storage tank or the carbon filter system to the sink faucet. While the UV disinfection process happening, the only place disinfection takes place is within the reactor chamber. Since there is no extra disinfectant holding capacity, it is necessary to chemically disinfect the plumbing system before the UV system's initialization.

UV System Features



constant current feature

Space Efficient

Quick Change GAC Cartridge
Sediment Reduction Filter
Backwashable Filter
3-Piece Tap Filter Housing
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High Performance Home Filter Cartridge
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Sediment Tap Cartridge
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Softener and Tannin Removal
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Temperature Management Valve
Solenoid Valve Kit
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