After Sell Services

Your purchase is just a beginning for us. We focus on instruction and guide that you need after getting your product, including Upgrades and renovations, troubleshooting, replacements, etc.

We believe the real work is meaningful when it provides comprehensive after-sales services. In water treatment installation and guide on Vancouver Island, the water filter services include equipment upgrades, repairs, replacements, troubleshooting and renovations. 

Upgrades and renovations
can be applied to every part of the installation. The upgrades may be reduced or disorder in the pump’s functionality or the worn pipes and valves, increasing the storing tanks and cartridges housings. For some kinds of upgrades, only some Sub-equipment are needed to be changed. In contrast, some other upgrades, which follow the change in treatment technology, require whole system variations.

When the term after-sales service is debated, the most noticeable subject is the equipment repair and replacements. Our experienced support team is ready to assist you in the time of any problem occurrence, so You don’t have to worry about anything. We are here to help you go through every obstacle anytime. The most demanded replacement parts are Filter, bulb and chemical, motor and O-ring replacements.

Sometimes the problem becomes complicated, and in the ordinary condition, residents can’t find the cause. We gather the best team with years of experience to find the root of the trouble in your residential or industrial installation. Troubles mainly happen in the purification system, where the users are involved most. RO system troubleshooting includes RO tanks filling, membrane, flow restrictors, slow flow, Continuous drain, leaks from fittings or Filter housing etc.

Water falls down into the implanted collection tanks and pumps into the filtration system; once it cross that level, it is time for purification. After passes sanitation stages by the manners mentioned earlier, it becomes ready to flow into the pipes for end-use. There are many ways to get your hands on the right harvesting environment. The architecture can start from standard barrels to more advanced equipment and rooftop installations. Stored rainwater can straightly bound to the filtering system to have a real-time water supply out of your pipes. Our Consultants help you to choose the best installations depending on your residential or industrial needs.