Technical Services

Every installation requires technical services and supports. We cover all the issues happens technically in your installation equipment base on our experience in years of work.

Technics plays as the root of our service tree. Our work is formed based on a strong technical and professional team for handling technical ser-vices and support, which requires an exact type of work such as panel controlling and pump and flow rate, detection and protection of every state of the pump etc.

Controlling the panel
status includes water level alarms tank level con-trols, which are vital or the pumping system's endurance. These control panels are facilitated with easy installation on-site, include dedicated terminals for incorporating equipment while easing the connection of ex-ternal equipment or signals. Control panels sometimes require modifica-tion, so we plan strategies that make the changes possible with no trou-ble and no matter when does it need to be modified. The Control panel includes an operation and maintenance manual, including wiring dia-grams, design drawings, P&ID drawings, and an HMI walkthrough if the panel includes a PLC and HMI device. For industrial purposes, we pro-vide multi-parameter control panels and process automation systems.

One of the parameters that ensure your installations connected correctly is leak detection. We professionally check valves and attached accesso-ries by different flow rates and pressures to ensure your system's safety.

Experienced engineers will put together high-performance non-destructive leak detection tools with the latest technologies and tech-niques. Our purpose is to perform Expert leak identification benefiting from the latest detection equipment with high accuracy and minimal dis-ruption to minimize excess utility charges for wasted water on your water bills.

Another vital parameter in the water treatment system is the mainte-nance of the pump motors. If the primary aspects of protection won't be taken seriously, the pumps' life significantly decreases. We have strate-gies to maximizes the life of your pumps. For instance, reverse flow can damage and interfere with the functionality of the pump. The solution is in the hands of our experts.

Programming control valves
and flow control are the necessary and rou-tine of our professional service. In the water distribution system, pumps and valves play as primary parts of the system. One of them causes the liquid to flow, and the other regu-lates this flow. Controlling this flow include backwash control, flow rate control over the different parts of installation, Chlorine concentration measuring equipment.

We provide automatic flow controllers that prevent the excessive lifting of the resin media bed; this effectively reduces losing media out to the waste. Water pressure switches protect the pump from dry running. They use to start and stop in the time of need automatically.

We also provide remote monitoring on your equipment and high-speed reporting and care for facilities that require more maintenance concentra-tions. The problems in the system can be identified and fixed quickly by giving you snapshots of your system.

Managing emergency breakdown
counts as the existing issues for your installation system. This issue is highlighted more in industry applica-tions. We try to handle the situation with different strategies while staying based on Optimizing operating costs and environmental efficiency.

Water falls down into the implanted collection tanks and pumps into the filtration system; once it cross that level, it is time for purification. After passes sanitation stages by the manners mentioned earlier, it becomes ready to flow into the pipes for end-use. There are many ways to get your hands on the right harvesting environment. The architecture can start from standard barrels to more advanced equipment and rooftop installations. Stored rainwater can straightly bound to the filtering system to have a real-time water supply out of your pipes. Our Consultants help you to choose the best installations depending on your residential or industrial needs.