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255 Series Timers and Transformers
440i/460i/960 Transformer
440 Series Timer Parts
460i Timer w/ Transformer
440 Series Timer Parts
6-Day Skipper Wheel Assembly
7-Day Skipper Wheel Assembly
Screw, No. 6x1/2"
Friction Washer
Tripper Arm Assembly
Gear Retainer Spring
Motor, 120V, 60hz (models 440 & 450)
Retainer Cap, Red
Flat Cord Set
255 Series Controls
440i Control, 6-day, 12V, with 120V Transformer
440i Control, 7-day, 12V, with 120V Transformer
460i Timer w/ Transformer
960 Control with Battery, with 120V Transformer
12V, 60hz Motor, 440i
9V, 60hz Motor,460i

فرم ورود

Timers are an essential element of a water softening system. Every automatic water filtering process needs an exact timer to function well. We provide timers with 440i/460i/960 Transformer assembly parts such as Washer, Tripper Arm Assembly, Springs and Retainer Cap to initialize the 120v, 60hz motor. Default pricing includes Washer.

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Due to the softener's parts or technical problems' life endurance, the part has to be replaced. High-quality replacement parts are provided to use in case of any issue. Timers are considered essential parts of the softener system. Every regeneration depends on the time breaks created by timers, so they ought to work preciously. Regenerates are based on water usage while having a programmable regeneration cycle. The workflow design aimed to provide an endless supply of conditioned water. The new series includes multiple advantages over the previous ones. Shorter Regeneration Times, fully automated control system, much more saving on the salt usage, Non-volatile Memory. The system uses acceptable salts to function well. The salts are usually added during the regeneration of the softener. Finally, our safe, softened water will contain all the natural minerals that our body needs.
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TIMER PART Key Applications

Water softening

Water softeners are mainly responsible for removing ions by exchanging them with softer ions like sodium and potassium. Calcium and magnesium are the substances that are often referred to as hardness minerals. They collect these hardness materials into their tanks and flush them away from time to time.

Advanced Diagnostic Tracking

Advanced Diagnostic Tracking

Water quality tracking is part of the softener utility system. Every improvement applied to water quality will be tracked, and diagnosis will be shown to the user. Monitoring water status is considered as a fundamental tool l in the management of freshwater resources.

Trouble-free installation

Every unit is equipped with all necessary hardware, which benefits from easy wall-mount installation clips. The installation manual accessible to the users provides step by step guide through the process of installation.

Dechlorination of The Water Supply

They are designed to remove chlorine, chemicals and other chemical mixtures used for disinfection from the water automatically, which are harmful to health in food service, RO pre-treatment and whole-house filtration.


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