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Excelclear Standard Softening Resin* (Add NS suffix for NSF 44)
Excelclear Premium Softening Resin
Excelclear Fine Mesh Softening Resin
"Excelclear Severe Service Softening Resin (10% crosslinking for heavily chlorinated water)"
Purolite SST 60 Resin
Excelclear High Performance Shallow Shell Cation Resin

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Excelclear Standard Softening Resin can effectively absorb microparticles and eliminates toxic ammonia from the water. These resins are used for refillable water cartridges and tanks. Premium and Fine mesh softening resins are available along with our severe service softening resin, which is 10% crosslinking for heavily chlorinated waters. Default pricing include Excelclear Standard Softening Resin* (Add NS suffix for NSF 44).

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Softening the water is widely regarded as an essential pre-treatment for the RO systems. Selecting a good media base on the water source has a significant effect on the purifying process. Media filters aim to reduce dissolved iron and manganese compounds from the raw water supply. Long-life media with low attrition loss for the right water improve the process's efficiency while preventing waste on resources. However, some well-known Media filters are useful in a wide range of applications. Standard softening resins are supplied in high structural containers to prevent contamination. The media is designed to be economical. They act as a catalyst in the Ionic composition that happens between the water particles and resin beads. When using these Media for iron removal, the water should be free of oil and other organic matters exceeding 4-5 ppm.
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Media Key Applications

Water softening

Water softeners are mainly responsible for removing ions by exchanging them with softer ions like sodium and potassium. Calcium and magnesium are the substances that are often referred to as hardness minerals. The process takes place with the help of various useful media resins in the softener's tank.

Extremely High Removal Efficiency

Media are made from high-quality ingredients tested under the laboratory conditions and certified by the experts to use for the reduction of dissolved iron and manganese compounds from raw water supplies. They can be used in either gravity fed or pressurized water treatment systems.

Insoluble Catalyst

Media like Birm acts as an insoluble catalyst to enhance dissolved oxygen and the iron compound's reaction. In conclusion, it breaks down the structure of ions, eliminates the water's hardness, and made the filtration of them so simple.

Ion Exchanger

Resins inside the water softener's tank are made up of tiny beads positively charged with sodium ions. The calcium and magnesium ions are negatively charged. Act as a magnet; the positive resin beads attract the negative calcium and magnesium ions. In return, the sodium ion is deposited to the carbonate as the opposites attract. What you are left with is sodium carbonate in the water, which does not cause hardness.

Media Features

Highest Quality Components

Long Material Life

Low Attrition Loss

Wide Temperature Performance

Quick Change GAC Cartridge
Sediment Reduction Filter
Backwashable Filter
3-Piece Tap Filter Housing
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High Performance Home Filter Cartridge
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Sediment Tap Cartridge
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Softener and Tannin Removal
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Temperature Management Valve
Solenoid Valve Kit
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