Quartz Sleeve
Quartz Sleeve
Quartz Sleeve
Quartz Sleeve
Quartz Sleeve
Quartz Sleeve
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Quartz Sleeve


فرم ورود

Quartz Sleeve replacements for UV systems constructing with high purity of materials, strong hardness and high-temperature resistance while keeping a low coefficient of thermal expansion are considered reliable parts in the UV disinfection system. Excelight Complete UV Disinfection 6GPM+ systems include polished 304SS reactor, mounting clips, CSA approved ballast c/w audible and visual alarm, lamp end-of-life indicator 7-day override. You can choose from in various models based on you need.

Quartz Sleeve Details & Description


Product Spec


Quartz Tubes are high-temperature resistance. The minerals floating in the water form a coating around the quartz sleeves and have to be removed to have high-performance disinfection. Therefore, it is time to replace the sleeves. Thanks to the UV systems, there is no need to use harmful chemicals to disinfect water treatment applications. Moreover, they are price friendly for water purification, wastewater and drinking water consumption. Choose a location for installation with easy access to a 120VAC electrical outlet. The direction of water flow in the supply line is a noticeable concern. Features like Crystal quartz sleeve with silicone O-rings and UV lamps with four-pin connectors are included.
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Quartz Sleeve Key Applications

Disinfection Procedure

UV disinfection systems are preferred to install on the PE tube, connecting the RO water storage tank or the carbon filter system to the sink faucet. While the UV disinfection process happening, the only place disinfection takes place is within the reactor chamber. Since there is no extra disinfectant holding capacity, it is necessary to chemically disinfect the plumbing system before the UV system's initialization.

Inactivating unwanted contaminants and bacteria

Inactivate Harmful Contaminants

Inactivate chlorine-resistant parasites, harmful bacteria and viruses that are invisible with the naked eye. However, some parameter measurements should be considered for the UV system to reach its maximum efficiency. These parameters are include Hardness, Iron, Manganese, Turbidity and suspended solids which should be lower than s specific ppm.

Trouble-free installation

Every unit is equipped with all necessary hardware, which benefits from easy wall-mount installation clips. The installation manual accessible to the users provides step by step guide through the process of installation.

UV Sensors

Exact sensors implanted in UV disinfection systems help understanding the system's general condition, including both visual and audible alarm announcements, to indicate lamp operation/failure and an integral annual lamp change reminder timer.

Quartz Sleeve Features

Highest Quality Components

Optimum Performance

Replaceable UV Lamps

Long Life Cycle

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Backwashable Filter
3-Piece Tap Filter Housing
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