Hach Solutions and Reagents
Hach Solutions and Reagents
Hach Solutions and Reagents
Hach Solutions and Reagents
Hach Solutions and Reagents
Hach Solutions and Reagents
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Hach Solutions and Reagents

Hach Solutions and Reagents
Hardness 3 Test Solution - 100 ml
Hardness 3 Test Solution - 1000 ml
Buffer Solution, Hardness 1 - 100ml
Manver hardness 2 Solution - 100ml
Manver hardness 2 Solution - 500ml
Univer 3 Hardness 100 PP
Ferrover Iron Reagent 100 PP - 5ml
Chlorine Total 100PP - 5ml
Bromcresol Gr/MethRed 100PP
Chlorine Free 100PP - 5ml
Wide Range pH Indicator - 100ml
Bromthymol Blue Indicator 100PP
Bromthymol Blue Indicator - 100ml
Sodium Carbonate Solution - 100ml
Tanniver 3 - 100ml
Sodium Pyrophosphate 784-25
Buffer, Citrate for Manganese 100PP
Sodium Periodate for Manganese 100PP
Phenolphtalein Indicator 100PP
Sulphuric Acid .035N - 100ml
Silver Nitrate Solution - 100ml
Chloride 2 Indicator 100PP
Sulphaver 4 Powder Pillows PK/100
Nitriver 3 100PP
Nitraver 5 100PP - 5ml
Formaldehyde Solution
H2S Alka Seltzer - 36 pack
Hydrogen Sulfide Test Paper
Soap Solution - 100ml

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Pocket testers and test kits Hach Solutions and Reagent are hand-held instruments capable of making accurate measurements of pH, ORP, Con, TDS or Salt. We provide various hardness levels and ml rating of Buffer, Manver, Univer, Chlorine, and Soap Solution. The default price include Hardness 3 Test Solution - 100 ml.

Test Kits Details & Description


Product Spec


Pocket testers are the ideal solutions for residential, industrial and other in-situ environmental situations, from single parameter colour comparators to comprehensive portable laboratories with multi-parameter advanced instrumentation for more accurate results. Hatch kits include everything you need for a standard test. They include many features that made them user-friendly while including replaceable electrodes to ensure long-life functionality in the field. The kits are covered in leatherette Cases usually include Combination Chlorine and pH Test equipment. Hardness is another issue that is considered testing in these kits and water calibration and all the standard elements, to understand the water condition.
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Test Kits Key Applications

Drinking-Water Treatment

Testing Sample water from your target water source location counts as the primary step in the water treatment process. For choosing the best strategies and products, we need to get familiar with your water quality and mineral measurements to offer maximum turnover from our services.

Waste Water Treatment

For removing contaminants from the wastewater or sewage and convert it to water with standards impacts on the environment, and reusing in various applications, the water ought to be tested by our unique tools and kits. So we can stabilize its status for those purposes.

Quality Monitoring

Water Status is restored at every phase of measurement. Based on the quality change reports, principal methods apply to the water supply. Test kits are designed with ease of use so that the users can monitor the quality at every stage.

Multi-Parameter Meters

The aesthetic parameters monitoring stage is related to the detectable parameters by the senses, namely, turbidity, colour, taste, and odour. These are the inexpensive and straightforward factors that play an essential role in water quality and organic matter.

Test Kits Features

Accurate Evaluation

Long Material Life

Ideal Choice

Wide Temperature Performance

Quick Change GAC Cartridge
Sediment Reduction Filter
Backwashable Filter
3-Piece Tap Filter Housing
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High Performance Home Filter Cartridge
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Sediment Tap Cartridge
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Softener and Tannin Removal
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Temperature Management Valve
Solenoid Valve Kit
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