Fibre Wound Mineral Tank
Fibre Wound Mineral Tank
Fibre Wound Mineral Tank
Fibre Wound Mineral Tank
Fibre Wound Mineral Tank
Fibre Wound Mineral Tank
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Fibre Wound Mineral Tank

Residential Mineral Tanks
Fibre Wound Mineral Tank - 8X35E
Fibre Wound Mineral Tank - 8X44E
Fibre Wound Mineral Tank - 9X42E
Fibre Wound Mineral Tank - 9X48E
Fibre Wound Mineral Tank - 10X35E
Fibre Wound Mineral Tank - 10X44E
Fibre Wound Mineral Tank - 10X47E
Fibre Wound Natural Tank - 10X54E
Fibre Wound Natural Tank - 12X48E
Fibre Wound Natural Tank - 12X52E
Fibre Wound Natural Tank - 13X54E
Fibre Wound Natural Tank - 14X65E
Fibre Wound Natural Tank - 14X65E, 4" Top

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Residential Mineral Tanks Standard Base and 21/2" top all tanks in black, available in fibre wound, are where hard water turns into soft by removing calcium and magnesium. 150psi operating pressure 120F (40C) max for threaded openings. Default pricing includes Fibre Wound Mineral Tank - 8X35E.

Mineral Tank Details & Description


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Mineral tanks are one of the three primary components of Ion-Exchange Water Softening. The gravel-free design of residential Mineral Tanks makes changing the filter medium considerably comfortable. They can replace any standard backwashing filter or softener tank. The water flows into these tall narrow tanks where the negatively charged beads attract and hold calcium and magnesium in the unconditioned water. These hard particles are trapped among the resin bed, and the soft water comes out. When the beads are immersed with these minerals, regeneration occurs with other components of the system.
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Mineral Tank Key Applications

Water softening

Mineral tanks Container is the place that the softening process is actually happening. Water softeners are mainly responsible for removing ions by exchanging them with softer ions like sodium and potassium. Calcium and magnesium are the substances that are often referred to as hardness minerals.

Safe Storage

Safe Storage

Tanks are made of various materials with high-quality standards for the safe storage of fluid. They are used as the primary non-cartridges-based water softeners filled with several cubic feet of permeable plastic polystyrene resin beads. The reliable design made it possible for the years of working as the first day.

Trouble-free installation

Every unit is equipped with all necessary hardware, which benefits from easy wall-mount installation clips. The installation manual accessible to the users provides step by step guide through the process of installation.

Upflow Performance

Upflow performance brings more efficiency to the softening procedure. This efficiency is sensible in the use of salt and wastewater. A resin bed regenerated in an up-flow design will produce water lower in ion leakage longer into the service run.

Mineral Tank Features

Highest Quality Components

Comfortable Maintenance

High Capacity

Gravel-Free Design

Quick Change GAC Cartridge
Sediment Reduction Filter
Backwashable Filter
3-Piece Tap Filter Housing
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High Performance Home Filter Cartridge
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Sediment Tap Cartridge
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Softener and Tannin Removal
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Temperature Management Valve
Solenoid Valve Kit
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